Meet Mayak
the Satellite

that's being developed by a group of
young scientists and will become
the brightest star in the night sky


To promote astronautics and space research around the world and make STEM education more appealing to the youth

  • To demonstrate that space becomes closer, and now it's possible for a group of friends and like-minded people to launch a real satellite to low Earth orbit
  • To perform real-life tests of an aerobraking device that can be used to de-orbit space debris without a need for a thruster
  • To explore Earth's upper atmosphere density and verify algorithms for calculations of apparent magnitude of space objects and satellites

Let's make history together!

Project Roadmap

Radiance of the new star will tell you once again: anything is possible

Let's tell the world what it's capable of!
Everyone who will find our star in the night sky, will see not just reflection from the satellite. It will be reflection of a dream of millions of people who united to reach a common goal. Together, we can light up a new star, the brightest one in the sky!

Not only corporations and governments can participate in space exploration.
Time has come when enthusiasts, united together, are able to launch their own rockets and satellites. What used to be thought of as sci-fi, appears to be reality more and more every day, and we're capabale of bringing this project to life.
Space is much closer than most people think, and we'll make it even closer.


Coming soon

This is our app that will point you at Mayak at night

Or, just look for the brightest star

Mayak is being brought to life by a team of young engineers and technical enthisiasts within State Univerysity of Mechanical Engineering. This project is a part of the university educational program Contemporary Astronautics

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